System utrzymania ruchu w TOP Packaging

TOP Packaging chooses our CMMS system

TOP Packaging, part of THIMM, a packaging manufacturer and leading provider of freight distribution solutions, has selected the Queris CMMS system as the management tool for its maintenance department.

TOP Packaging – part of the THIMM Group

TOP Packaging is the Polish branch of the international THIMM Group, based in Germany, specializing in the production of a wide range of packaging, including packaging for transportation, sales and advertising purposes, as well as custom-made packaging. Plants belonging to TOP Packaging are located in Tychy and Skarbimierz.

Queris CMMS in TOP Packaging

The THIMM Group has a number of organizational solutions that support the achievement of high-quality products and processes. These include an integrated quality management system, environmental and hygiene management systems, as well as Lean Management and Total Productive Maintenance.

It was in connection with the implementation of the latter two of these strategies that the Polish branch of the company decided to implement a CMMS, which is an essential tool in achieving the goals of lean management and the TPM approach.

Queris CMMS at TOP Packaging has become a basic tool for organizing maintenance, ensuring high availability of machines and increasing production efficiency in areas related to technical maintenance of production resources.


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