Queris MES

MES system that improves efficiency and OEE

Queris MES system for production

Queris MES

System MES zwiększający wydajność produkcji i OEE

Modern Queris MES manufacturing system

Queris MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a professional tool for advanced production management. It helps you control the efficiency of processes and determine the sequence of executed orders so as to achieve the highest possible OEE index and complete production in the shortest possible time. You have all your machines under constant control.

See how the MES system works in manufacturing practice.

What is a MES system?

MES is another word for Manufacturing Execution System. The MES solution is an IT system, combined with automation elements, which is used for continuous monitoring of production processes and obtaining information about their status and quality. Data on the production in progress is collected and provided to the user in real time, which makes it possible to react immediately to any undesirable phenomena, such as unplanned downtime, failure or decrease in productivity.

What information does our MES system provide?

MES software processes data collected directly from machines and presents it through applications. Using the Queris MES system as an example, we can define some of the most important information that the system provides to the user.

Key features of the MES system

Queris MES is a comprehensive production management system, equipped with all the most important functions of MES systems. It will help you eliminate waste problems and fully utilize your production capacity.

The manufacturing execution system is an invaluable support for decision-making processes. Skillful use of the information provided significantly improves the efficiency of the plant and the performance of manufacturing processes.

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Queris MES system - manufacturing

Najważniejsze funkcje systemu MES

Queris MES jest kompleksowym systemem do zarządzania produkcją, wyposażonym we wszystkie najważniejsze funkcje systemów MES. Dzięki niemu wyeliminujesz problemy marnotrawstwa i w pełni wykorzystasz posiadane moce produkcyjne.

System realizacji produkcji to nieprzecenione wsparcie procesów decyzyjnych. Umiejętne wykorzystanie dostarczanych informacji znacząco poprawia efektywność zakładu oraz wydajność procesów wytwórczych.

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Śledzenie produkcji w toku - system MES

Ongoing tracking of work in progress

Monitor the current status of the production process, check the rate of order fulfillment and verify that the current production processes meet the approved plan.

Monitoring of production efficiency

The MES system calculates and updates production yields in real time, allowing maximum utilization of available production capacity.

Monitorowanie wydajności produkcji - system MES
Zarządzanie maszynami i produkcją w systemie MES

Management of machinery and production capacity

The MES will help you identify any hidden (e.g., in downtime or suboptimal production schedules) capacity and maximize its utilization.

Manufacturing and order management

Queris MES helps increase production efficiency and shorten production cycles with features to better manage the order queue.

Zarządzanie produkcją i zleceniami produkcyjnymi - funkcja MES
System MES - kontrola jakości produkcji

Quality control support

Queris MES is also a useful tool in the manufacturing quality control process to support compliance with ISO standards.

Reports and analysis

Our MES system has a powerful analysis module with automatic report generation to help make decisions that increase production efficiency.

Raporty w systemie MES

See how the MES system works in manufacturing practice

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Queris MES system - Manufacturing Execution

Integrated manufacturing in Queris MES system

The flexible architecture of the Queris MES system allows you to integrate it with other solutions already operating in your company, so you can maximize the potential of all the IT tools you use. Adjust your production to the realities of Industry 4.0.

Integracja systemu MES

MES system interaction

You can combine Queris MES with other systems that support manufacturing processes, such as CMMS, WMS, ERP or APS.

System MES - wydajność produkcji

Maximum efficiency

Feeding your MES system with additional information from external systems will help you get even better results.

Information exchange

Use MES data in your company’s other systems to increase enterprise-wide competitiveness.

MES system architecture

The Manufacturing Execution System in practice is a combination of several elements through which information is collected and processed directly from the machines, and then presented in such a way as to be useful to machine operators, production managers, directors and the entire enterprise.

Get to know the basic elements of an MES system

Database server

The place where the data collected from the machines are collected and processed.

Elementy automatyki

Automation components

Necessary for extracting data from machines and transmitting it to the system (e.g., controllers).

urządzenia końcowe MES

User devices

They are used to communicate with the server and machines and to read and present data (HMI panels, computers, mobile devices, televisions).

Oprogramowanie MES


Programs and applications to operate the system, enter, read and analyze collected data.

See what you will gain from Queris MES using our system in your company

The main goal of the MES system is to improve manufacturing efficiency solely by making better use of the resources you already have. Interpretation of the information provided by the system will enable you to make better decisions, thanks to which OEE will increase and you will gain a number of measurable benefits.

Increased production and work efficiency

Optimal scheduling of work, production orders and machine occupancy, as well as constant monitoring of the production situation, will increase the efficiency of the entire plant.

Shorter production cycle

By making better use of the capacity you have, you will be able to produce more in the same amount of time and with the same resources.

Less waste of resources

Access to real-time production data will enable savings in time, raw materials and production capacity, as well as the implementation of lean marketing strategies.

Shorter downtime and unproductive time

Notifications of downtime and micro-downtime will allow you to react immediately, so you can get your machines back in operation faster.

More production capacity

Real information provided on an ongoing basis will help identify and appropriately manage unused and hidden resources.

Automatic information acquisition

You'll eliminate paper documentation and the resulting errors because the system is fed with data downloaded on the fly, directly from the machines.

Full information about the production

The timeliness, transparency and completeness of the information provided by the system will ensure that the production process will have no secrets from you.

Better decisions

An extensive reporting and analysis module and instant notifications will help you make quick and accurate decisions.

And all this will significantly increase

the competitiveness of your company.

Queris MES. System appreciated by customers and users.

Make an appointment for a demonstration to confirm feedback from satisfied customers and see how the MES system works in production practice.

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Microsoft Parnter Queris
Pobierz Queris CMMS App
Queris CMMS ISO standard
Nagrody dla Queris CMMS

Stworzony przez oficjalnego Złotego Partnera Microsoft

Dostępny na Andorida w sklepie Google Play

Rozwijany w środowisku ISO 9001 oraz ISO 27001

Wdrożony w ponad 80 dużych firmach w Polsce i na świecie

Nagradzany w rankingach i branżowych konkursach

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