Queris MES System

Queris MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a professional tool for advanced manufacturing management. It aids the controlling of processes efficiency and determines the sequence of the tasks fulfilled in order to achieve the highest OEE rate and implement manufacturing as soon as possible. You have all the machines under constant control.

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The MES System functions

Queris MES is a comprehensive system for manufacturing management, equipped with all the key functions of this class solutions. Advanced possibilities will allow you to eliminate problems connected with ineffective manufacturing and wastefulness. Discover and use the productivity you have to the maximum level. Reduce your costs, increase your efficiency!

Automatic manufacturing registration and testing the real machine operation time

Detecting downtimes, micro-downtimes and automatic notification of such incidents

Visualisation of manufacturing and spectrum of machines with information on downtime causes

Management of manufacturing orders and planning their sequence for fulfilment

Extended module of analyses and automatic generation of reports

Quality control support through collecting information on product deviations

Monitoring products, flows and consumption of manufacturing media

Exchange of data with other systems, electronic document circulation

Integrated manufacturing

The flexible system architecture allows for full integration with other tools functioning within the Company. Data flow between MES and ERP or CMMS and APS provides an opportunity for the full use of the information obtained by the entire Company and not only the manufacturing department.


The implementation of the MES system created by us, first of all, brings in the overall growth in productivity. It is an outcome of better manufacturing management. Get to know the key benefits you can obtain through the use of our solution.

Complete information on manufacturing thanks to which all the processes will be finally clear to you and manufacturing stops being a secret black box.

Shortening downtimes which will improve the availability of machines and contribute positively to the OEE rate and overall efficiency.

Reducing a manufacturing cycle will be possible through the effective management of production orders and the identification of unused potential.

Maximal use of manufacturing capacity. This system will help you identify hidden and unused resources resulting from the lack of real information.

Elimination of the wastefulness of time, raw materials and available manufacturing capacity. Ongoing information on manufacturing supports the implementation of the lean manufacturing strategy.

The automation of processes and direct integration with machines will ensure accurate data updated on a current basis based on which you can optimise your decisions.

Reduction in paper documentation – electronic documentation is a solution not only friendly to the environment but also ensuring the prompt access to any information you need.

Better visualisation of orders and ongoing manufacturing will help you manage effectively the incoming orders and plan the sequence of their fulfilment.

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