Queris CMMS

Modern CMMS for maintenance

Queris CMMS system for maintenance

Queris CMMS

Modern CMMS for maintenance

Production without downtime

Nowoczesny system CMMS dla utrzymania ruchu

Complete tool in the service of reliability

System CMMS - korzyści


Queris CMMS is a CMMS system developed by maintenance practitioners. Find out how much you can gain by implementing it.

System CMMS - funkcje

CMMS features

It has everything you need to manage a technical department according to the Industry 4.0.

Test it without any obligation

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Find out how it will work for your business. For free.

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What will you gain by using our CMMS system?

Queris CMMS will modernize your maintenance department, increase production potential and save money through preventive maintenance.

Key features of the CMMS system

Queris CMMS has all the features you need for modern maintenance department management. With them, you will take control of every aspect of maintenance and increase the efficiency of your work.

Discover them and test them in practice without obligation

Support for preventive maintenance

Prevention is the most effective maintenance strategy to reduce the number of failures, reduce their duration, save money and increase productivity.

Tasks and monitoring of the current situation

You have full control over the plant and real-time insight into everything that is happening. You make decisions in real time that will make the execution of tasks even faster.

CMMS for maintenance system

Quick failure reports and notifications

Each new failure is immediately registered in the system. You will receive a real-time notification so that it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Facility register and plant structure

In the system, you will create a clear plant structure including branches, lines, machines and even individual parts. With Queris CMMS, you will effectively manage not only maintenance, but the entire assets of the company (EAM).

Queris CMMS system maintenance management
Mobile maintenance CMMS system

Reports and analysis

An extremely powerful analysis module will help you make optimal decisions, automatically generate reports and statements, and create customized performance analyses.

Spare parts warehouse

Effective management of spare parts inventory, consumption and orders will eliminate situations where you find an empty warehouse.

Spare parts in CMMS

Check the possibilities of our CMMS system in your company

Test our system for free and without any obligation.

Operate CMMS on mobile and big screen

Thanks to the system’s support through the mobile application and the Queris CMMS TV module, your work will be even more efficient.

Aplikacja mobilna CMMS

Queris CMMS mobile app

A modern CMMS can’t limit you. With our Queris CMMS mobile application, you manage maintenance from anywhere, regardless of computer access.

Pobierz Queris CMMS App
Moduł Queris CMMS TV

Control your progress with CMMS TV

Queris CMMS TV allows the most important information to be displayed on a large industrial TV. This allows the entire department to know exactly what tasks are being performed, what the task queue is, and which employee is responsible for which activities.

CMMS system vs. EAM system

Today, you will often come across the term EAM system, which is an acronym for Enterprise Asset Management. See how a CMMS system differs from an EAM system by definition.

CMMS System

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. CMMS systems are specialized software dedicated to manufacturing plants and their maintenance departments.

System EAM

EAM systems have been developed as IT support for the management of a company’s entire assets, mainly its assets and fixed assets. In theory, therefore, they can support the operation of the maintenance department, but in practice they often lack many of the functions necessary in the organization of the maintenance department.

Queris CMMS provides all the functions of an EAM system and can be successfully used to manage all the company’s assets.

Struktura firmy i majątku - system CMMS EAM

You will build in it the structure of the whole plant, in accordance with the reality of your company.

Środki trwałe i aktywa w CMMS EAM

You will enter information about resources, assets and fixed assets.

Inwentaryzacja CMMS system

Take inventory and increase the effective use of your assets.

Queris CMMS system

See how much you can gain with just one system for maintenance

Queris CMMS will streamline your work and increase production efficiency. Some of our customers have reduced the number of failures occurring by as much as 72% and reduced their repair time by as much as 61%!

Far fewer breakdowns

You will reduce the incidence of defects and downtime through repair and maintenance planning and prevention.

Increased availability of machines

Instant notifications of breakdowns will help you speed up your response and reduce the time to fix them.

Faster execution of tasks

Checklists, scheduling and billing of work will help reduce the time it takes to perform repairs, troubleshooting and other tasks.

Easy and valuable data analysis

Suggestions, alerts and instant report generation will help you make smart decisions that will streamline your work and increase results.

Cost reduction through prevention

You will reduce the occurrence of defects and downtime by planning for repairs and maintenance.

Efficient spare parts management

Inventory control, minimum stock alerts and simple order generation will improve the operation of the spare parts warehouse.

Better communication with production

The flow of information between the maintenance department and production will be faster and messages will be clear.

Electronic document workflow

Gathering information in the CMMS system saves time and paper, as well as retrieving it faster.

Eliminate breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs with a CMMS appreciated by customers and the industry

Get started for free with our CMMS, which supports the work of more than 100 maintenance departments every day.

Microsoft Parnter Queris

Stworzony przez oficjalnego Złotego Partnera Microsoft

Pobierz Queris CMMS App

Dostępny na Andorida w sklepie Google Play

Queris CMMS ISO standard

Rozwijany w środowisku ISO 9001 oraz ISO 27001

Wdrożony w ponad 80 dużych firmach w Polsce i na świecie

Nagrody dla Queris CMMS

Nagradzany w rankingach i branżowych konkursach

Microsoft Parnter Queris
Pobierz Queris CMMS App
Queris CMMS ISO standard
Nagrody dla Queris CMMS

Created by official Microsoft Gold Partner

Available on Android in the Google Play store

Developed in an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 environment

Implemented in more than 80 large companies in Poland and around the world

Awarded in rankings and industry contests

Jan Kowalski

Dyrektor działu Technicznego

Toyota Motors

Wypowiedź klienta Queris

Wdrożenie systemu Queris CMMS pozwoliło nam tak usprawnić dział utrzymania ruchu, że aktualnie notujemy zaledwie 1 zgłoszenie awarii na miesiąc. Od ponad roku żadna przerwa w produkcji z winy usterki maszyny nie trwała dłużej niż 37 minut.

Ilustracja systemu Queris

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By completing and submitting your data, you consent to its processing for the purpose of handling your application and providing a demo version of the software, according to our Privace Policy.

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