Queris CMMS System

A complete CMMS class system, designed and created by maintenance practitioners. With this system, you will organise your department operation, plan technical inspections, preventive measures and you will increase the availability of manufacturing resources effectively. It has all you need to manage your technical department by modern means.

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The CMMS Queris has all the functions necessary for the modern management of a technical department. Owing to our solution, you will control all the activities and implement preventive maintenance effectively. You will be informed instantaneously on all the failures and you will always know what the condition of your spare parts warehouse is.

A continuous overview of your machine park in real time

Reporting failures and downtimes in real time

Registering and creating extended plant structures, machines, parts, etc.

Management of spare parts warehouse

Scheduling and detailed planning of technical inspections, works, tasks

An extensive module of analyses and reporting

Personnel and workflow management, department organisation

A mobile version and a browser version (smartphones, web)

System module: Queris CMMS TV

In order to communicate better the current state of the technical department operations, we recommend the Queris CMMS TV module as an addition. It enables the displaying of the most important information on a large industrial television. Thus, the entire department knows what tasks are fulfilled, what the tasks queue is and which employee is responsible for given activities.


As lots of our Clients, after the implementation of this system, you will be able to obtain a range of benefits. Some of our Clients were able to reduce the quantity of failures even by 72% and shorten the time needed for their repairing by 61%!

Fewer failures and unplanned downtimes. More rapid response and shorter time spent on failure elimination owing to instantaneous notifications.

Monitoring the spare parts warehouse stocks and sending alerts when their limits are exceeded.

Automatic and instantaneous notifications of downtimes in real time through the mobile application, e-mails or SMSes.

Reduction in the functioning costs at the technical department, machine operation, downtimes and keeping high levels of spare parts stores.

Effective personnel, department, work and tasks management. Possibility of assigning tasks to employees and controlling the implementation time.

Electronic circulation of documents facilitating communication, information flow as well as preparation for audits and inspections.

Supporting prevention, planning of technical inspections, repairs and maintenance. A schedule module facilitating planning activities in real time.

Availability of voluminous reports, standard and individualised ones, which help taking optimal decisions.

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