Wdrożenie CMMS w Żywiec Zdrój (DANONE)

We increase the efficiency of maintenance at Żywiec Zdrój (DANONE) plants

Multi-site implementations of a CMMS system within a single company are often met with concerns about the course of the investment and its impact on ongoing production operations. Together with Zywiec Zdroj, a member of the DANONE group of companies, we have proven that such a system implementation for maintenance can be carried out without any complications.

Leading brand in the spring water market

Żywiec-Zdrój S.A. is the market leader in bottled water[1]. The company’s offer includes such products as Żywiec Zdrój crystalline mountain spring water, carbonated spring water, as well as low-calorie drinks in various flavor variants. Zywiec Zdroj is part of the DANONE group of companies – a manufacturer of food tailored to the needs of consumers at every stage of life. In Poland, DANONE is active in three areas relevant to proper nutrition: dairy and plant-based products (Danone), water and beverages (Zywiec Zdroj), and specialty nutrition, including food for infants and young children and food for special medical purposes (Nutricia).

Żywiec Zdrój products in Poland are made at four production facilities located in Jeleśnia, Rzeniszów, Radziechowy-Wieprz municipality and Mirosławiec.

Unusual implementation process at 4 factories

When choosing Queris CMMS, the manufacturer planned from the beginning to implement the system in all its plants. However, the course of the investment was divided into two stages, which is a kind of process innovation in the area of maintenance solutions.

– At Żywiec Zdrój, we used an approach different from typical cascade implementations. First, we carried out a comprehensive implementation at the Jeleśnia plant, including configuration and full commissioning of the system to adapt its operation to the client’s production environment. Once we had a thorough understanding of the maintenance department’s workflow, and all system parameters had been established and tested in detail, we repeated the entire process in the other three locations, this time already implementing the solution in parallel, practically at the same time – explains Arkadiusz Więdłocha, vice president of our management board.

With this method of multi-plant implementation:

  • We have reduced the system implementation time globally as much as possible, while
  • reducing the risk of complications and failures, by starting the implementation from a single plant.

However, carrying out the implementation of the CMMS in this way would not have been possible were it not for the very high level of standardization of production and organizational processes at the customer’s facilities.

Objectives and effects of system implementation at Żywiec Zdrój plants

The purpose of implementing the Queris CMMS system at the DANONE group of companies was to introduce an advanced IT solution that improves work comfort, streamlines communication on the production-maintenance line, and enhances the operational and strategic capabilities of all plants.

We decided to cooperate with Queris not only because of the capabilities of the offered system, but also because of the extensive experience of the team of specialists who provided us with comprehensive support in the reorganization of the maintenance department. In addition to the software itself, we received valuable knowledge on how to effectively use the system in preventive UR and arrange the functioning of the entire department. The Queris team has an excellent sense of their clients’ needs, which in our case translated into exemplary cooperation and extremely smooth implementation of the CMMS solution into our organization. – Rafał Palacz, Project Manager at Żywiec – Zdrój S.A.

Together with the system’s expanded functions and modern mobile devices, our new client has gained full support in the implementation of preventive management of production and technical assets. As a result, the management of Żywiec Zdrój can count on:

  • ordering of processes and complete control over the work of the UR department,
  • minimization of the number and duration of failures,
  • minimizing downtime and work stoppages resulting from machine unavailability,
  • optimal scheduling of inspections, maintenance work and repairs,
  • increase machine availability
  • and a global increase in production efficiency.

The completed investment proves that the computerization of production and the implementation of modern technologies, which are part of the Industry 4.0 concept, play an important role in the activities of the DANONE group of companies.

[1] Żywiec Zdrój in NielsenIQ: Panel Handlu Detalicznego, Cała Polska z Dyskontami (food), sprzedaż wolumenowa oraz sprzedaż wartościowa w okresie wrzesień 2022 – sierpień 2023, kategoria wody butelkowanej (excl. Private Labels)


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