Inter Europol współpracuje z Queris

We are optimizing maintenance at Inter Europol

A leader in the production of frozen bread and baking products, Inter Europol, has selected our Queris CMMS system. The solution, which we implemented at the manufacturer in April this year, will serve to reduce the number of failures and improve the functioning of the entire maintenance department.

Modern bakery production on a large scale

Inter Europol is one of the largest Polish bakery producers. Headquartered in Marki near Warsaw, the company is a highly specialized bakery with one of the most modern machinery of its kind in Europe. The company produces its products using robotic production lines with a very high degree of automation, which are then distributed to retail chains, catering outlets and company-owned stores throughout Poland.

Inter Europol chooses Queris

Our client’s development strategy, of which modern technologies are an integral part, as well as the dynamics of recent changes, led the management of Inter Europol to choose and implement a CMMS system. The maintenance department of this manufacturer has been equipped with the latest version of our solution.

We carried out the implementation together with full training of the client’s staff and configuration of organizational processes related to the management of the machine park. Thanks to this, the crew of Inter Europol’s technical department gained a tool that above all:

  • will help minimize the number of failures and downtime that occur,
  • will improve communication and information flow between the production department and UR,
  • will improve the efficiency of spare parts warehouse management,
  • supports preventive maintenance,
  • will reduce the overall cost of maintaining production resources and company assets.

In addition, with the proper use of the system, for which the client’s team has been fully prepared, the company will be able to enjoy all the other benefits that the use of the CMMS system brings.

Inter Europol about our system

Inter Europol decided to implement our solution mainly in order to gain practical support for the activities of the maintenance department, which will ensure the achievement of results befitting a modern production plant.

We chose the Queris CMMS system because of its manufacturer’s extensive experience and the solution’s extensive functionality, which fully meets our needs. We wanted to significantly reduce the number of failures and downtime resulting from causes that can be easily eliminated through a preventive approach. The Queris system, which we chose not coincidentally, gives us the ability to create optimal maintenance plans and conduct effective preventive maintenance. In addition, it provides us with full control over the technical condition of our machines, improves communication and allows us to significantly reduce both the response time to and recovery time from occurring downtime. Thus, we will increase the availability of production resources and ultimately the efficiency of the plant. – Andrzej Kowalczyk, Head of Maintenance at Inter Europol.


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