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We are growing! New rooms are ready

A growing workforce and an evolving work culture require not only organizational changes, but also infrastructural ones. The adaptation of the new office spaces we have just made available to our employees is an expression of our concern for the comfort and convenience of their work.

Organizational changes

Over the past 3 years, virtually every company has had to deal with the challenges brought on by the massive shift to remote work mode and the subsequent return to office reality. Many companies, including us, developed new models of teamwork during this time, which required adapting existing norms and infrastructure to the new realities.

We grow faster, work more efficiently

During this tumultuous time, we were able to develop a hybrid work model that combines the advantages of both remote work and in-house presence. This approach enables us to generate better results, grow teams faster, and on top of that it has been very well received by the entire staff.

New realities, new offices

However, as it turned out, such a change in approach forced a spatial reorganization of our headquarters, so we carried out a renovation, as a result of which we adopted new rooms for our needs. A major role in this was played by our employees, who actively participated in the creation of the new interior design concept.

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Ergonomic workstations, modern interior design, and a brand-new conference room equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment are what we want to further enhance the job satisfaction of our people.

Comfort and satisfaction at work

We believe that a comfortable work environment has a real impact on the efficiency, creativity and innovation of employees, and thus also on the final shape of the products offered and the level of customer relations.

However, we made the changes primarily for our employees. We hope that the freshness, ergonomics and modernity that they have brought to the new spaces with their ideas will positively affect the work of the teams and give everyone a comfortable feeling whenever they are in them.

Thank you to all the people who were actively involved in the design and furnishing of our spaces!


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