RUN Chłodnia wdraża system Queris

RUN Chłodnia improves maintenance department with Queris CMMS

A frozen food manufacturer from Wloclawek has chosen our system for maintenance to increase the efficiency and availability of its production machinery.

RUN Chłodnia is a large Polish producer of frozen vegetables, fruits and meat products aimed at industrial and food service customers. The company’s products such as frozen kebabs, roulades, zrazy and stuffed cabbage rolls, as well as corn cobs or various types of fruit, reach hundreds of customers in many countries every day.

More than 500 people work at the manufacturer’s two plants, equipped with modern machinery. One of the cornerstones of the company’s business development is the successive investment in technology that improves the quality and results of work, which was reflected in the implementation of the CMMS system.

Thanks to the digitalization of maintenance, RUN Chłodnia will speed up the flow of information, shorten the response time to requests and improve the organization of mechanics’ work. In addition, the system will make it possible to lower machine operating costs and reduce unplanned downtime.


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