Wdrożenie CMMS w Saferoad - Inter Metal

Inter Metal (Saferoad) implements CMMS system for maintenance department

The modern machinery park of the Inter Metal plant in Inowrocław, owned by the Norwegian Saferoad Group, will be equipped with the Queris CMMS system to make even better use of its resources and achieve maximum machine availability.

Inter Metal is a company specializing in the production of high-quality road safety components such as road barriers, steel elements and energy absorbing elements. The company is part of the Oslo-based Saferoad Group, which specializes in the manufacture and installation of road safety infrastructure.

High-quality manufacturing requires CMMS support

The diversification of products and their production according to specific customer requirements requires not only appropriate production facilities, but also a very good organization to manage them. Our Queris CMMS system will help with this.

– The machinery supervised by the maintenance department must be available at all times, and all equipment requires frequent, detailed inspections for the quality of the products obtained. System support for the management of our production equipment was one of the main reasons why we decided to implement Queris CMMS – explains Dariusz Simiński, Production Director at Inter Metal.

Integration, communication, optimization

The mission of Saferoad Group and Inter Metal is to create innovative solutions to improve the safety of all road users, so for the management of the Inowrocław plant, timeliness and high quality of production are very important.

This can only be ensured by efficient cooperation of all production teams and very good communication between operators and maintenance. Our system will support the management of technical equipment, the execution of maintenance tasks, and intra- and inter-departmental communication. In particular, it will be used for:

  • constant control of the technical condition of machines,
  • maximum reduction of response time to failure reports,
  • improvement of communication between the UR department and operators,
  • maximum extension of operating time without downtime (improvement of MTBF indicator),
  • optimize spare parts inventory, and
  • reduce overall operating costs of production resources.

– Once we have achieved these key goals that we set at the beginning of our work with Queris software, we will certainly focus on further optimization of results. Queris CMMS provides tremendous opportunities to improve various areas of maintenance with its functionality and extensive reporting module. We have chosen this solution with long-term and strategic support of our maintenance in mind, because we know that today without a system of this type it is practically impossible to effectively use the resources at your disposal – concludes Dariusz Simiński of Inter Metal.


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