Refresco wybiera Queris CMMS

We implemented the Queris CMMS at Refresco

Beverage manufacturer Refresco is another food and beverage company that has implemented our advanced CMMS solution for maintenance at its plant.

Refresco is a producer of various types of bottled beverages, which are distributed and sold under third-party brand labels. The company specialises in juices, smoothies, isotonic drinks, teas, carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water-based drinks and other similar products.

The digitalisation of maintenance in the form of the implementation of a CMMS system was one of the elements of the strategic development of the production lines. Thanks to our solution, Refresco‘s employees gained a modern and advanced tool that will enable, among other things:

  • efficient planning and execution of fleet maintenance activities,
  • reduced response time to operator requests,
  • increased machine availability time,
  • improving the functioning and management of warehouse management,
  • reducing machine operating costs and overall maintenance costs.

The cooperation with beverage manufacturer Refresco is further confirmation that the Queris CMMS system perfectly meets the needs of food companies and is one of the most frequently selected solutions of this class on the Polish market.


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