Vivasto wybiera Queris CMMS

Vivasto joins Queris CMMS users

Vivasto has implemented the Queris CMMS system at its plant. Our solution will support the production processes of PE regranulates subsequently used in the packaging industry, agriculture or the construction sector.

Vivasto S.A. is a manufacturer of high-quality, stable and reproducible PE regranulates. At its plant located in Bytom, the company produces various types of its own granulates and also carries out service production offering, among other things, shredding, washing or regranulation of supplied products.

The products of Vivasto are used to produce, for example, stretch films, agricultural bags and construction films characterized by high flexibility and durability.

System maintenance in granular production

Thanks to the cooperation undertaken, our client’s maintenance department has gained a modern tool to support the operation of its machinery. Under the control of the Queris CMMS system remains both the equipment (extruders, shredding-washing installations) and the organization of the work of the team responsible for stable operation of the equipment.

Our solution helps Vivasto optimize maintenance costs, respond quickly to reports of failures, maintain high availability of production resources and improve communication between employees.


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