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New in the offer of Queris – APS system

We are officially introducing the APS (Opcenter) system to our offering. The addition of the Queris APS service is a further element in the development of our product strategy, which includes comprehensive production optimization through the provision of key production systems.

Opcenter APS (formerly Preactor), an advanced production planning system, complements our existing solutions offering, enabling us to provide comprehensive optimization of production facilities, from maintenance and work in progress monitoring to short and long-term planning.

New Queris APS service

The launch of the Queris APS service, which includes the Opcenter software, is a response to the needs of customers struggling with inefficient scheduling of their own processes and difficulties in the area of production planning.

The state-of-the-art Opcenter APS system makes it possible to increase manufacturing efficiency by up to 24% through optimal scheduling alone. Integration of the planning software with ERP or MES systems provides even more opportunities for improvement in the area of on-time delivery, inventory levels or shortening the production cycle.

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