ISO doublet for Queris!

11 May 2022

Making sure that our services and solutions are created based on best practices, in April this year we passed a comprehensive ISO audit obtaining certification in quality and safety management standards.

High quality confirmed with ISO 9001

The first audited area was quality management. The auditors assessed our standards, which we had already implemented in accordance with ISO requirements. As a result, we easily obtained the certificate, which confirms our focus on quality and gives our customers the assurance that they are dealing with a supplier that operates according to the best global standards.

We focus on security – ISO 27001

In the world of modern technologies, security is extremely important, which is why this area was also professionally audited, confirming the compliance of our practices with the ISO 27001 standard. By obtaining the information security certification, we became one of the few entities in the industry that apply formal procedures in this area.

Benefits for Customers and Contractors

Successfully completed audits are, above all, of practical importance to us. We confirmed proper management in two important spheres of creating modern solutions, which have considerable influence on the quality of offered services.

Obtained certificates are also a benefit for our customers and business partners who can be sure that all our solutions, including especially CMMS and MES systems, are created and developed based on the best standards.


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