Industrial automatics

The automated manufacturing today is a standard necessary for conducting a competitive manufacturing activity. Industrial robots, communication with machines or controlling them is a common thing now. If your plant does not make use of the achievements of industrial automatics, we can make it changed.

The comprehensive approach towards the industrial automatics systems comprises the works from designing, through the system assembly and implementation, its start-up and control, to integration with the automatic and IT systems already functioning at the Client’s plant.

The scope of our offer

With proper competences and experience we are able to offer the services related to the activities within the industrial automatics, involving, among others:

  • Designing, executing and assembling the industrial automatics systems,
  • Performing electric cabinets and structural wiring,
  • Programming PLCs and operator panels,
  • Controlling machines and technological lines,
  • Modernisation of the existing controls,
  • Visualisation of industrial processes,
  • Access control systems and RCP,
  • Media consumption monitoring,
  • Designing and performing electric installations,
  • Cabinets prefabrication,
  • Service and electric measurements.

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