Communication between production and maintenance

16 November 2018

Conflicts between production and maintenance staff occur in virtually every production plant. Regardless of the fact that they are so common, and many companies have simply learnt to live with them, trying to eliminate such disputes is worth time and effort. Not only is collaborating without unnecessary tensions more pleasant for employees themselves, but, as well, it guarantees that better results are achieved.

Conflicts are something natural in an organisation, something that will always occur in the course of team work, however, some of them may be effectively limited, thus improving the daily work of staff. The disagreements between production staff and maintenance department may be included into those most troublesome ones seen in factories. They are mainly caused by the communication problems between both sides.

Mutual accussations of making work difficult are very frequent between the staff of different departments. Operators resent ignoring their notifications by mechanics, the excessively long time taken to conduct repairs, or the apparently casual attitude of mechanics to their work. Passing the buck, mechanics defend themselves pointing out that there is not enough information, that their workload is excessive and that notifications are not prioritised.

Contentious issues may be eliminated to a great extent with the use of the system referred to as the CMMS, but something more is needed at times. Ordering and better planning of work, rapid information flow, or defining priorities, are the elements which, after organisational changes are made, become the basis for maintenance, yet, there are situations in which it is also necessary to visualise the message with which operators are addressed well. The purpose of this message is to make production staff aware of who in the maintenance department is working on what task at the moment. The best method of conveying this information is an appropriately-customised industrial monitor.

A large TV set installed in on the factory floor and displaying the most important information about the actions in progress in the scope of maintenance makes it possible to stave many conflicts off. Seeing a detailed list of notifications, currently-conducted repairs or work performed by mechanics, operators will not longer accuse them of not collaborating, or of causing delays. Mechanics will finally cease to be beleaguered, and a better ambience at workplace will make it possible for them to complete their tasks more efficiently.

The CMMS TV module available in our offer frequently becomes a basic source of knowledge about the technical conditions for all factory floor staff. A single glance is all it takes to check the most important information. Apart from that, it is a peculiar motivating factor for mechanics to conduct repairs in the shortest possible time, which, after all, benefits the whole company.

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