Our team

About Us In General

We employ a few dozens of specialists from various fields and we are a harmonious team. We have experienced consultants for implementation, business analysts, programmers and also engineers in various fields (electricians, mechanics, constructors). The wide spectrum of competences makes us something more than just the manufacturer of software.



We implement solutions worldwide

Most works we perform in our Company but we provide services to Clients from Poland and all over the world. Our specialists analyse the situation of each Client and then choose a proper solution. Owing to such an approach we are able to optimise manufacturing in practice. Check the Clients whom we have already helped.



We care about our employees

We believe that the best solutions may be devised only in proper conditions and in good cooperation. That is why we support work methods which increase effectiveness (scrum, agile, good atmosphere).




Our President

This is our President, Tomasz Zieliński. He manages the team, creates a development strategy and supervises everything.

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